Saturday Morning at the Writing Desk II

Saturday Morning at the Writing Desk -II. So, maybe now I have this figured out- sigh.

Spent a leisurely morning that started at 5:31. Got up, fed the kitties, saved Amber a rotten start to the day by cleaning up cat puke sitting at the bottom of her stairs. It is a good thing I am so adept at these things, otherwise the picture of her screaming and holding her yucky bare foot in the air while she hopped around looking for a clean towel and cursing at the kitties would have been – well actually pretty funny, but not when the swearing turned on me or I had to take her to the ER if she ended up on the floor, so maybe a good thing I did take care of it.

Now to get some writing done. Well, after I go finish the dishes and hang up the laundry and put away the jeans and clean off the stove and tote that bale and…ah the ways we can procrastinate when we know we need to write.

Happy Saturday!

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