Mother’s Day

As a mom, I can tell you about some wonderful Mother’s Days I have experienced. Sometimes my daughters would give me handmade cards and smooshy chocolate candy, or as they got older, steak dinners, fabulous vacations, airplane tickets to visit, and heartfelt words that would make me weep.

I can also tell you about my mom’s Mother’s day where my dad would buy her chocolate covered cherries for every special occasion. When I was older I remember saying ‘how sweet’ that was. My mom drew me close and whispered, “I don’t even like them. They are your dad’s favorite. But don’t tell him.”

Some Mother’s Days stand out in my memory, like the one on which Amber and I had a flat tire on the expressway going way too fast. I would say that my daughter learned some new swear words, but she was old enough at the time to already know any that I knew and more, although she reminds me often of that 3 (*#$@) day.

Mostly I can tell you that being a mother and now, a mother-in-law means that my life is full of love and laughter and family. So thanks to Amber and T.J. and Allie for making this Mother’s Day possible. Love you guys!


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