Do you refuse to trap yourself inside genre. Do you love well told stories with strong voice? Do you love to think and feel as you swipe the pages? Find out why Realm & Sands readers are so happy by trying one of the awesome titles below!


Stories in Sepia

STORIES IN SEPIA: Summer reading is just around the corner and Larissa is still reeling from her adventure with a sprightly spirit and a crazy killer. But then strange things begin happening and Larissa must deal with the new PR spin doctor and photographer the library has hired while Shelia tries to find the perfect […]

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Murder in the Library

Whoever said libraries are quiet places never visited the small town library that sits on the grounds of the old state hospital. Creaks and groans echo through the stacks as the patrons peruse the shelves of the current library building. Larissa Lou Rue, reference librarian and amateur sleuth could tell you a tale or two as she keeps the patrons in line, all while battling a raging tornado, a rabid group of quilting ladies, and library ghosties. These three mysteries will keep you laughing and guessing… Is it haunted? Maybe? Maybe not?

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Roasting Marshmallows on the Manifold

“Heaven shall be a bonfire of all the cars that ever gave us problems on Earth-and we shall roast marshmallows!” Ever have one of “those” cars? The kind that stubbornly refuses to be mastered? This collection of those stories and the crazy ways of taming the beast, or perhaps learning how to deal with them. Coming from a family of storytellers the author chose to laugh through her fears and see problems as a story waiting to be told. If you too have a few stories of your own, then you can relate and laugh, now that those cars have gone to the great bonfire in the sky.

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