The Secret in the Subtext

In the third installment of the Murder in the Library series, librarian and ghost wrangler Larissa is up against a whole new set of challenges.

THE SPOOK IN THE SEARCH In the first story: Shelia, the library’s by-the-books admin, has agreed to let a ghost hunting group come in and check out all of the supernatural stories that have circulated for as long as the library has been around. And of course the person volunteered for overnight duty is Larissa in The Spook in the Search.

A SCANDAL IN THE STAFFROOM The second story, A Scandal in the Staffroom, has the library abuzz with ‘who knows what about whom’ and it might just create a whole new kind of chaos.

THE SECRET IN THE SUBTEXT The third and most chilling story, The Secret in the Subtext, will have you wondering what happens when a writer cannot let go.