Stories in Sepia

STORIES IN SEPIA: Summer reading is just around the corner and Larissa is still reeling from her adventure with a sprightly spirit and a crazy killer. But then strange things begin happening and Larissa must deal with the new PR spin doctor and photographer the library has hired while Shelia tries to find the perfect Summer Reading tee shirts.

STRANGER IN THE SUMMER SAGA: Larissa is left in charge while Shelia, the admin, is out on medical leave. Summer reading is in full swing when strange things start to happen. An unwelcome guest makes himself at home and Larissa is left to vanquish the beast. Not to mention dealing with a runaway granny.

SHIFT IN THE STRATEGY: The gamer guys have always been a permanent fixture in the library, playing their video killing games, but when one goes missing the strategy changes.

ISBN: 9781537399232

352 pages